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 Recruitment information - Read before applying!

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Recruitment information - Read before applying! Empty
PostSubject: Recruitment information - Read before applying!   Recruitment information - Read before applying! EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 3:45 pm

Welcome to the Strenus Custodes forum!

Strenus Custodes is a corporation in EvE where we focus on the aspect of corporation building, an active member mass and social fun. We are two brothers who started our own corporation after being part of a larger alliance for a few years. We wanted to build this up from scratch, build something which is functional, smooth running and durable. We have many goals we want to reach, but our primary desire, is to build an active and fun-loving corporation where people are playing together and working together to make the corporation strong.

We are miners and industrialists at heart, that is our backbone – but we’ve come a long way since the creation of this corporation, and thusly we are seeking pilots from all aspects of the game. We take in experienced players as well as newly created rookies of the EvE universe. What we ask of you is that you are one that wants to contribute to build a strong and powerful corporation. As a corporation, the leadership and all its members will be working for the corporation.

We have extensive experience with pretty much everything in the game except sov-warfare (even there we know a fair bit). We've lived for years in wormholes, HS and Null Sec and like to have our fingers in all the pies. Currently we have once again moved into a WH and plan to stay here for the foreseeable future.

What we offer currently:

- 2x Weekly WH harvest operations
- PvP
- PI (Planetary Interaction)
- Occasional Mining Ops.
- Well-structured corporation with a solid economy.
- One-of-a-kind Corporation Economy system.
- Buy-Up Program.

To shed some more light on what we seek to do, is that we want to have an active and busy corporation. To do this, we'll have events that happens every week, at the same day and time. Be it WH Harvest/Mining operations, PvP etc. Now, these events will only be the things we officially do together as a corporation. We expect you to be part of the official events. This does not mean we will force you to be part of them, nor that you shall only do those and nothing else. In the days in between, you are free to do whatever you want and desire. All we ask of you is your attendance on the weekly events, and that you involve yourself with the corporation and its members in between. And as always, real life takes priority - so if you can’t make it, you don’t need to explain or make excuses, as we do understand.

We have a corporation buy-up program, where you sell everything you salvage/loot/mine directly to the corporation and get paid instantly. The corporation economy is efficient, strong and growing - and we throw that money at our members as we mean that rich members are happy members, willing to partake in operations and risk ships for the greater goal.

If you’re going to apply to our corporation, we also want you to register on this website. Use the name of your main character if you are joining with multiple characters, or the name of the character your joining with if your joining with one character. This will help us and our members to identify and know who we're talking to on the posts. It will also help the admins who will seek out you’re in-game profile picture to make a forum avatar for you.

Get in now and join our journey!

To apply, please use the following template:


First name:
Character name:
Full Account API (Vcode and Key-ID, 3-5 days expiration):
(Mark up everything, and select account API)

What made you apply to the STRCU?:

How did you hear about us?:

What can you offer the STRCU?:

What do you expect of the STRCU?:

What will be your primary focus - Missions, Industry, Incursions, PvP, Casual?:

What timezone are you in?:

Anyone who can vouch for you? if yes, who?:


Copy-paste this template into your in-game mail. Answer the questions and send them to Anogra And Mutarr (Yes, Both).

Thanks for your time!

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Recruitment information - Read before applying!
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